Leasing & Property Management

Property owners want a team they can count on. Tenants want open communication. Solamar Realty offers full-service leasing and property management services, for everything from restaurant, retail, office, residential, and even furnished short-term vacation rentals!

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Retail & Commercial

Our team has expertise in restaurant, office, industrial, and general retail leasing. Contact us today to discuss your property!

Furnished Vacation Rentals

Do you want to convert your residential home into a short-term vacation rental? We offer staging, set up, and full management!

Residential Homes

Whether you want to rent out a house, condominium, or apartment complex, we will help you so that it is hands-off for you!


Our management team will be responsive and reply promptly when you reach out. We value the relationship between tenants, property managers, and property owners, and we do our part to ensure legal compliance and a great experience for all parties.


Every property owner wants the peace of mind that professional management brings to the table. Knowing your property is in good hands and that you have expert managers handling all aspects of managing your property. Stress reduction is priceless.

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Reach out today to chat about how we can help you achieve your real estate goals!


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